Sue Vandittelli, President of AWR Inc. - Alternative Workplace Resolutions and Former Bell Canada Ombudsperson and Human Rights Consultant has over 25 years' experience as a successful mediator, ombudsman, coach and investigator.

  • Highly respected professional ,who is sought out for guidance from a wide range of organizations in the telecommunications, transport, financial, health and media industries; and not-for-profit organizations. Recognized, for successfully resolving a full range of workplace and business issues, specializing in discrimination/ harassment and disability management cases.

  • Sue has successfully mediated/facilitated over 400 cases and is recognized for diffusing volatile situations by providing a calming influence and maintaining a fully objective approach. Proven ability to help clients develop creative alternative solutions and enhanced work relationships. As well, Sue has extensive experience with resolving discrimination/harassment issues & facilitating "return to work and/or accommodation" plans from a long term illness and/or disability with all levels of the organization and union groups.

  • AWR Inc. partners with organizations and individuals to develop lasting and durable solutions to disputes, specializing in the area of discrimination/harassment, disability management and business to business issues. We offer alternative services for: Mediation; Conflict Assessment; Return to Work/Accommodation Facilitated Meetings; External Ombudsman (internal resolutions to work related issues especially for early resolution to human rights concerns); Conflict Resolution Coaching (individualized 1 on 1 training program or group training sessions); Investigation and; other Customized Solutions.

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