Coaching is a powerful and resourceful tool to use at different stages of our careers and lives, in particular when we are having a conflict or dispute.

Conflict is a natural part of life. In fact, for organizations, it is often a catalyst for change and innovation. The reality is that everyone experiences conflict at some point in their lives, what makes the difference is how we choose to react and how we go about resolving the issue.

A coach can be an excellent resource for individual's in the early stages, perhaps a conflict is anticipated arising as a result of a decision, or later on when the issue hasn't been able to be resolved to their satisfaction, or they're about to participate in a mediation process at work or between businesses.  A coach would confidentially explore options/resources/strategies in working through the dispute by providing best practices in conflict resolution.

Coaching sessions for conflict resolution are customized to the individual's needs.

Results: Increased productivity, personal effectiveness and competitive edge.

Client Feedback: Coaching sessions have been very professional and effective; I have
learned more from my sessions than in the last 7 years of management.