Conflict significantly and seriously escalates when harassment is either part of the conflict or the originating root cause. AWR Inc. specializes in these types of issues and has extensive experience with successful resolving these issues.

Early Intervention: 

The earlier the intervention, the increased ability of the organization and individuals involved to correct and resolve the situation at the lowest financial and human cost.

We have available, Respect in the Workplace Training and Management Training for effectively and successfully resolving these types of issues.

Consultation and/or coaching are available for Human Resources, Senior Managers, Managers and Employees to help navigate these difficult, complex and costly situations.

Workplace Investigations:

Our approach to investigations and assessments is very professional and respectful of all parties involved, while ensuring a completely fair and objective process is undertaken.


Mediation can be a very effective tool in stopping harassment in the early stages to restoring work relationships and environments after an investigation and when appropriate.

Result:  Increased issues resolved internally, increased business reputation for integrity and fairness and reduced external liability.

Client Feedback: I have been very pleased with both the approach and the results achieved.