An innovative and cost effective option to resolving workplace,  and business disputes. An External Mediator is an objective third party who works with the individuals to resolve the disputes in a mutually satisfactory manner. The process is completely voluntary and confidential; agreement is only reached with the approval of all parties.

Our mediation style is very facilitative and respectful, with a focus on durable and lasting solutions. 

The mediation process is particularly useful for situations when the individuals or organizations have an ongoing professional relationship or, when there is a need for closure for the parties as in some harassment or workplace incidents. For example, we have successfully conducted mediation sessions between parties after a workplace investigation has been conducted

Results: Increased issues resolved internally, increased business reputation for integrity and fairness and reduced external liability.

Client Feedback: HR Manager said "Not only did we get a solution but I have learned so
much from this process that will be invaluable with clients, peers and senior management."