A creative alternative for organizations, looking for internal resolutions to work related issues, such as discrimination and harassment in the early stages or business to business disputes. An Ombudsman program can be an extremely useful and valuable tool to complete an organization's dispute resolution process.

Early Resolution
The Ombudsman program can be used as an Early Resolution tool for individuals by confidentially and informally exploring options/resources in working through disputes while providing "Best Practices" in conflict resolution at the different stages.

Result - Increased issues resolved at the lowest level possible at the least amount of cost and time.

Last Resort
The Ombudsman program can also be extremely valuable in the later stages and as a "Last Resort" by providing a bridge and a safe zone for all parties to confidentially review with a conflict resolution expert where they've been, where they want to go and how best to achieve that outcome.

Result - Increased issues resolved internally, increased business reputation for integrity and fairness; and reduced external liability.

Early Warning System
An annual report of issues, trends and possible recommendations, while preserving confidentiality of individuals can also be helpful resource for HR and senior management.

Result - Early warning system for organizations, to start thinking and developing processes, that could help prevent and/or minimize potential problems.

Sue Vandittelli has been a member of "TOA", the Organizational Ombudsman Association for over 10 years and adheres to the Ombudsman Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice. For more information on this association and the Ombudsman community, check out web sites:

Client Feedback: My ombuds had a unique calming influenced, really listened and helped me to see there were many different options, perspectives and resources available to resolve my situation.