Facilitated Return to Work Meetings

An innovative approach for Disability Management Consultants, and Senior Managers to best assist the Organization, Supervisors, Employees and Union Representatives in successfully transitioning Employees back to work from STD, LTD, particularly with stress medical leaves.

This type of meeting process is an excellent tool to your already existing occupational health and organizational systems.

A Return to Work Facilitator works with the Disability Management Consultant, Human Resources Manager, Operational Manager and Employee. The meeting is facilitated or at times mediated between the Employee and Manager in a very respectful manner, with a focus on exploring practical health and business strategies in having the individual successfully return to work in a way that is of value to the Organization and the Employee, as well as creatively working through any workplace issues that may be a barrier.

Approach to Facilitated Meetings:

Our approach to facilitated/mediated "return to work" meetings is very professional and respectful for all parties involved and the information shared. We are experienced with conflict resolution and mediation. We are in a position to work as a neutral and objective third party directly with the organization, its representatives, employees, managers and unions to identify the employee's and management's needs, potential barriers, facilitate creative options and to help develop a plan that will result in durable and lasting solution. These types of meetings are particularly valuable when conflicts are present or, when a neutral third party could increase the possibilities of accommodation options that would meet the best interests of the employee and the organization.

Result: Reduced disability and operational costs, earlier more efficient way for employees to return to work, more accountability and clear expectations for employees and supervisors using a respectful facilitated/mediated meeting process.

Client Feedback: I have been very pleased with both the approach and the  results achieved.